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    Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 14 Issue 1 February 2019

    Residential Aged Care Communiqué Download PDF: RAC Communiqué February 2019 In this edition Editorial Case Précis: Too Much Too Soon Commentary #1: The coroner’s recommendations and requirement of organisations to respond Summary of organisational responses to the coroner’s findings and recommendations Management of BPSD: A refresher Resources In the news recently The ‘Dignity of Risk’ Film […]

  • RAC Seminar 28th August 2019

    RACC Seminar – 28th August 2019

    Sexual assault is a major health and social issue with significant physical and psychological consequences for victims. Australia’s Residential Aged Care Services have come under increased scrutiny due to high profile reports of resident mistreatment typically physical abuse or neglect.

  • Nursing Home Deaths in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

    Nursing Home Deaths in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

    The death of Florida nursing home residents whose air-conditioning failed last week during Hurricane Irma highlights the tragic consequences of some of our most vulnerable citizens during a natural disaster.

    Head over to The Conversation where Professor Joseph Ibrahim has published an insightful article on the tragic dilemma of whether to evacuate a nursing home caught up in a natural disaster.

  • Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 13 Issue 3 August 2018

    Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 13 Issue 3 August 2018

    Welcome to the third edition of the year. This edition examines the plight of young people who live in residential aged care services (RACS). No, that statement is not an oxymoron. There is a significant number of young people, defined as those under the age of 65 years, who rely on RACS for accommodation and care. The appropriateness of this existing arrangement and the availability of realistic alternative options are hotly debated.

  • Dignity of Risk

    Dignity of Risk

    An opportunity to screen “Dignity of Risk” in your local community. Professor Joseph Ibrahim (Monash University) or ‘Prof Joe’ is touring across Australia with the film “Dignity of Risk” in 2018 and 2019. Invite Prof Joe to present to your staff, organisation or community.